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Specializing in Health Care Project Management


Dunstan & Associates Inc. can provide your Healthcare Organization with Project Management that addresses the unique challenges to meeting your project goals.  Healthcare Project Management is unique in that there are several relationships to consider in Healthcare, the patient or customers being serviced, the healthcare providers providing services, the health insurance payers requirements for reimbursement and the government regulatory agencies setting rules and guidelines. Dunstan and Associates brings 42 years of experience and knowledge in all areas of these relationships to our clients. We offer structure and discipline to your Healthcare Projects and deliver services that exceed industry standards and quality benchmarks.


DA will design and manage all phases of your healthcare project.  DA systematically plans, organizes and executes a predetermined set of steps in order to maximize resource use and achieve specific objectives. The need of project management in healthcare has become more apparent than ever. Understanding and applying the standard foundations of project management as they apply and interact in a healthcare setting can significantly improve outcomes of healthcare delivery systems and overall performance.



Managing projects is critical to the delivery of healthcare services - DA manages all phases of your project from initiation to closing


• Project Foundation: identifying project, resources needed, standards/goals to meet

• Project Work flow: identifying the tasks and plan of how it will be executed

• Scheduling projects: setting deadlines and managing variations in scheduled deadlines

• Overseeing Project Progress: executing the project plan, measuring progress and any changes and reporting these to the client

• Completion of Project: reporting project outcome



Dunstan and Associates plans, manages and executes the project by interacting and directing  the clients’ team members on site or remotely, providing guidance while making key decisions enabling users to manage workloads and priorities efficiently.



Task Management


Task Management is the process of managing a task through its life cycle. It involves planning, testing, tracking and reporting.  We assist your team members in achieving goals set by the Project Manager by creating, prioritizing, delegating and monitoring tasks to ensure they are completed by the given parameters. We monitor your project’s tasks through each stage from the beginning to the finish, including quick necessary changes needed to accomplish the end goal of the project. Task Management of the project will help you provide the end goals of the projects on time and with high standards! We provide your team members with a easy to follow work flow. Dunstan and Associates supports your team members by creating and sharing task lists, assigning work to individuals, identifying and labeling dependent tasks, estimating task duration and sharing of information needed to be successful in accomplishing the set goals.

Staffing Resource Management


To effectively provide Task Management, if is important to identify the needs of your organization from getting the the project off the ground to completion with regards to staffing needs. Matching the right staff to the project will make or break your project. Identifying your staffing needs for each stage of the project is an important step to the management of your project. Dunstan and Associates can identify the qualifications and man-hours needed to accomplish the project.

Customer Relationship Management


In addition to Project Management, we also provide Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as a part of our services provided. An effective Project Manager will provide CRM feedback to their client so they can expand their sales, marketing and customer service goals. We provide you with strategies on how to streamline your interactions with clients, while streamlining the deliver of project results.  Providing your Sales team with a process for creating and implementing sales strategies with the purpose of growing your company’s customer base and improving your revenue numbers.

Our Team


Patricia Dunstan, co-owner of Dunstan & Associates Inc., has been consulting in the Healthcare Industry for over 42 years as a Healthcare Project Manager, specializing in Insurance Verifications, Revenue Cycle Management, Education, Training and Client relations. Patricia started her career in the Medical Reimbursement Industry as a co-owner of a physician medical billing service and the Manager of the Physician Billing Department with Mercy Hospital of Macomb and Oakland Counties, Michigan. Since 2017, she has worked as a consultant for Med Staff Plus Inc. providing Healthcare Project Management for several DME/HME clients.


Jay Dunstan - co-owner of Dunstan & Associates Inc., has been a project manager in the advertising industry for over 40 years. Jay has worked with clients such as GM, Ford, Stellantis, Brunswick Corporation, Sea Ray Boats, Boston Whaler, Mastercraft Boats, Aviara, Hatteras Yachts, Tiffin Motorhomes, as well as many other corporations that require tight deadlines and exacting detail.



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